What Does it Mean to Have a Minimalist Lifestyle?

Have you been looking for a way to simplify things, save time, and get organized? If you’re asking these questions, it’s also possible that you might have some issues with clutter and keeping a tidy space.

Want to try out a minimalist lifestyle? Great!
But one second…
…What exactly is a minimalist lifestyle? What does it mean to have a more minimal décor or routine?
Let’s take a look before we get ahead of ourselves!

What Minimalism is and What it is Not!

There are a lot of misconceptions about minimalism, and a lot of people seem to use it almost as a weapon – as something they can lord over other people and use to show off!

This is rather defeating the point. Rather, minimalism is about stopping comparing yourself to others and stopping lusting after all the things you see in pricey magazines.
Instead, it’s about knowing what you want out of life and knowing how to get there. Simply. It’s about cutting back the ‘noise’ so that you can concentrate on what’s important.

For example, if you are someone who thinks that spending time with family is the most important thing, then you might find yourself stressed by the fact you have to work so much. You want to do the best you can for the ones you love though, and so you move them into a bigger house and take them on lavish holidays.

You see adverts for toys for your kids on TV, and you buy them for them. And then you end up working later and coming home more and more stressed. In your bid for ‘more,’ you have forgotten what was important to you, to begin with!

Instead, if you were to move to a smaller home, to take fewer holidays abroad and to buy simpler toys, then you could work fewer hours and have more money left over. Your family would be financially more stable, and you’d be much happier and much less stressed. The result is you’d have tons more family time together!

It is What You Make It

That’s minimalism for some people but others, it might look very different. And this is the key point: minimalism is what you choose to make it. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer here – there is only you doing more of what matters to you.

And it’s about realizing what the fastest and most efficient way to achieve that is while removing all those unnecessary distractions that get in the way. It’s about choosing what matters to you, rather than being told by the media. The rest is up to you!

 Becoming a minimalist might be the path to help you fix your problem, but you might wonder, what does it mean to have a minimalist lifestyle?

Removing Clutter From Your Life

To become a minimalist, it will be of most importance to begin by removing any clutter from your life. One easy way to start this would be to identify what areas have become a “catch-all” for items that you’re holding when you walk through the door. Make a serious effort to leave surfaces bare, and get rid of anything that you don’t need.

Home Decor Will Reflect Minimalist Ideas

The way your home looks will also begin to take on a clean new look. Along with keeping surfaces clean, you will want to decorate in a way that feels neat and avoids causing any sort of distraction when you are going about daily tasks. Eliminate broken items that can’t be fixed. Replace the doorknob that refuses to turn. This will put an end to endless fidgeting with objects that can absorb 15 minutes of your time every day.

Use Funds You’ve Saved For Enjoyment

It is good to do positive things for yourself. If you have been able to save money after confronting your life from a minimalist point of view, take some time to choose a way to reward yourself for your disciplines such as self-enrichment activities like music, art, or study.

Over time you can save larger sums of money to accomplish much larger goals. Test yourself. Plan a trip.

Memories Are More Important Than Things

Always remember that memories are more important than things. If you live your life based on objects that can be destroyed, then you are setting the stage for future disappointment.

Building your life on quality interactions and goals will have a much more lasting impact on how you feel. The objects that we gain from our experiences, purchases and the strain of upkeep often become like anchors rather than pleasant reminders.

Be Patient

Most importantly, be patient with yourself. No one makes all the perfect moves in one day. Accept that changing your habits will be a process, but if you challenge yourself, and remain flexible, you can enjoy peace and time like you never have before, and you’ll thank yourself for it.

Top 7 Tips for Making More Out of Less

The secret to achieving a simplified lifestyle is not to throw out all your things and to stop doing the things you love. It’s not all about less.
Rather, having a simplified mindset is about making the most out of what you already have. It’s about finding enjoyment in simple things so that you can stop chasing rainbows. This is the secret to a simplified lifestyle, and actually, it’s the secret to happiness!

1. Make a List of All the Things You Have Yet to Do

Why are you thinking of buying a new book or game when you haven’t finished everything on your shelf? And just how many other fun activities could you be enjoying using the things you already have? Make a list and keep this in mind!

2. Try More Free Activities

Yes, you could pine for that expensive holiday or another costly meal. Or you could cook for your partner and have a romantic evening in, visit a museum, go for a walk or try learning another language.

3. Try a Gratitude Attitude

A gratitude attitude means learning to appreciate what you already have. Try writing down five things you’re grateful for every night before bed!

4. Try Cooking Healthier With Less

One area that many of us spend a lot of money in and can be very wasteful in is food. Try cooking with fewer ingredients and see just how delicious, simple food can be!

5. Find Your Style

Don’t splash your cash on expensive fashion items! Instead, try creating your style that doesn’t depend on expense. You’ll have a unique look and will save money at the same time!

6. Declutter

If you have lots of ornaments, then you’ll find they’re fighting for attention. The result is that no single item on your shelf looks as good as it could because it’s being drowned out by all the others.        Take away 60% of your ornaments, and you’ll find that what is left looks much more beautiful!

7. Look for a Simplified Lifestyle Examples:

Look into the simplified lifestyle examples and try to learn some of the basic tenants. The idea is to make things functional – that form and function are the same.

When you stop trying to create ‘artificial’ decoration, you’ll find that the simple straight lines that need to be there actually look quite stunning in their own right.

Learn these principles and apply them to your life to start enjoying less, more!

Make it simple, but significant!

It’s Your Life, Your Dreams and Your Decisions!

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