Commitment to Yourself: Self-Acceptance and Inner PEACE

In the holiday season, we usually slow down, review our year, our life, our commitment, our failures, and success. It’s the time when we have to face yourself and be honest in what we accomplished, what we did wrong and what we’re willing to change to fulfill our life with joy and inner peace.

The basic of all this is self-acceptance and honesty. Without that we can not have a realistic approach to our life, make reliable decisions and be able to move forward, no matter how our present situation looks like. Self-acceptance will guide you to inner peace, to a fulfilled life

and blessings that maybe we didn’t realize so far, because we were TOO BUSY making life happen in our stubborn way, guided by our circumstances, by the media, our by our relatives and surroundings.

Be The Half-Full Glass Positive People

For sure, you know a person who always seems happy and positive about themselves and life in general? They never seem to have a problem and seem to be able to deal with things in life with composure and grace. Do you wish you were more like them and able to deal with your life circumstances as they do?

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These people have a way of seeing life as being the “half full glass” where even if things are going very wrong, they find something positive in it to focus on. This way of viewing life is natural for some people, but for the majority of people who use this approach to life, it is a learned response. It results from making an intention to look at the positive and not to dwell on the negative and then practicing doing this.

Sounds easy when it’s on paper, but in the reality of life, it’s usually not. How do people learn to focus on the half-full glass and not the half-empty one and remain positive? It’s not easy to be thankful when faced with difficult circumstances. However, practicing gratitude help us deal with all but the most difficult experiences we may face in our lives. It is the key to the optimism that we see in the positive person we admire so much.

When we complain all the time, we can quickly lose our perspective. Yes, the tradesperson may have taken hours to complete a job that another tradesperson may have completed in much less time, but before we complain at the bill, consider the work quality between the two. Maybe our concern is justified, but if the work produced is superior in quality, then maybe the extra time was justified?

Half glass full thinking seeks to clarify a situation before complaining about it. It asks whether a complaint will make the situation better or worse and if it will help to resolve the issue. In most cases, the answer to both these questions is no! On those occasions where it is justified, then we should do something about it. A clear perspective on the situation can help us to resolve an otherwise irresolvable problem. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude helps us maintain a positive perspective on most things that happen in our life. It helps to keep the glass half-full even in the most difficult of circumstances, and guides you to your inner-self…where you have to listen…listen carefully, because your inner voice never lies to you.

The happy place in YOU, is in all of us, but first you have to sit down with yourself and be the ones as possible, cry, laugh, sit on the floor, be angry, sad and happy….but then you have to hug yourself, to accept and love yourself in order to be able to get up from the floor and make your dreams and your believes happen…YOU HAVE TO DO IT for YOURSELF; you are the only one who can control your thought, your dreams, and your beliefs.

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