How positive affirmation helped me to have an abundant life

I have been reading about positive thinking, affirmations and mantras quite a while now, but what I understand after a while is that “YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WISH FOR, TO BE ABLE TO IMAGINE TO BE ALREADY YOURS BEFORE IT CAN HAPPEN!” It took me a while, so please don’t just read and wait for miracles…be better!

I don’t believe affirmations are some magical way of materializing what I want in life. Instead, they are a way of training the subconscious mind to think positive about money, abundance and a happy lifestyle.
Sometimes I still let myself inside my comfort zone, but when I’ve done this regularly, not only have I noticed a distinct change in both my mindset and mood, but I also start to see more positives, things to be grateful for, recognize opportunities and experience more abundance.

As humans, we are prone to negative thinking because it’s easier to believe in. This thinking gets ingrained in our subconscious minds and becomes a habit. The only real way to get rid of harmful and useless thinking is to recognize it for what it is and retrain the brain, replacing negativity with positivity, and that’s what positive affirmations, recited regularly achieve.

Affirmations work best when we learn to put feeling behind them, engaging our emotions and feeling good about what it is we want and what we are saying.
Let’s now list a few positive money affirmations that we should get into the habit of reciting (with feeling) at least once a day.

Here are my Powerful Life Abundance Affirmations That Work!
• I have more than enough money
• Money comes easily to me
• I have my dream home
• I drive my dream car
• I travel the world whenever I want
• I love who I am and what I do
• I receive unexpected income
• I am debt free
• I receive residual income
• I give freely without need or expectation of receiving anything in return
• I become more prosperous every single day
• Abundance is drawn to me like a magnet
• Each day I awake to receive even more blessings
• Today is filled with opportunities that I will seize
• I am so grateful for all that I receive
• I deserve the very best of everything
• I am truly blessed beyond belief
• I have an unlimited supply of abundance
• I live abundantly every single day of my life
• I am comfortable with money and don’t fear money
• I am financially free
• I love the lifestyle I lead
• I never worry about money
• I am truly a money magnet
• I am generous with money
• I can afford anything I want
• I am open to receiving wealth in my life
• There is endless money with my name on it
• I love having money

Please make time to schedule  these affirmations on your daily agenda, and better then this make it your morning mantra ritual.If you’re consistent for around 20 days,then you’ll see a significant change in your mindset and start to see the results of thinking better thoughts.

What are your experiences with positive affirmations? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Keep it simple, but significant!

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