Cooking With 5 Top Fat Burning Foods

The key to eating a healthy diet is fueling your body properly. There is a lot of research going on into new fat burning ingredients that can help you quickly burn calories and manage your weight.
There are many ingredients you can find with the right research, and if you use them correctly, you can be sure to utilize all of their possible health benefits.

Fat Burning Ingredients

Green Tea

A great example of this would be green tea. It has gone from being an exotic beverage to being as popular as your household orange pekoe tea. The extract of green tea provides you with EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), caffeine and antioxidants that all do wonders for your body when combined properly.
The caffeine combined with the EGCG helps to boost your metabolism and process carbs. At the same time antioxidants help to flush toxins out of your body and create a more efficient immune system.
Raspberry Ketones
Another great fat burning ingredient is raspberry ketones.

Surprisingly these ketones are the primary compound in the aroma of red raspberries. The way it works is by regulating your adiponectin. What is that you ask? Well, it is a protein used by your body to help regulate your metabolism. According to studies, it is made effective by helping your body dissolve fat molecules quicker. Also, who wouldn’t like the wonderful benefit of their diet including the beautiful aroma of raspberries?

White Kidney Beans

Strange but practical, white kidney beans are another viable fat burning option. A common downfall of eating carbohydrates is that they can send your blood sugar soaring.
When you have an excess of blood sugar or glucose, your body will convert it into fat. To slow down the process, there are carbohydrate inhibitors that work by stopping the release of alpha-amylase (the enzyme that converts carbs into glucose). White kidney beans supply you with exactly that inhibitor. All natural and stimulant free, a placebo-controlled study of 60 people showed that those who were taking the inhibitor lost an average of 6.45 pounds in 30 days compared to the 1 pound over 30 days in the placebo takers.

Whole Grains

The body uses twice as many calories breaking down whole grain foods versus their processed white counterparts. These include whole grain pasta, rice, bread, and cereals.
All of these ingredients are all natural and healthy. However, it is the overall diet that matters. These stimulants and fat burning molecules all can only be successful with your careful attention.
A key component of this would be the management of sugars in your body, as mentioned above if you are not careful, the ingestion of excess sugar can lead to the body producing more fatty tissue.

Hot Peppers

Capsaicin is the compound in peppers that gives them their heat, and it also heats up the body increasing calories burned.

How To Use These Fat Burning Ingredients

Following are a few creative ideas that you can apply to use these 5 great natural products.
1. Green Tea Iced Tea
The same way that you would make your average iced tea, you can substitute green tea instead of your regular Earl Grey. By combining some fruits into the process of creating the tea, you can infuse a variety of excellent and tasty flavors. Try it with a little bit of blueberry or go tropical with a mango and pineapple infusion!
2. Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones can be purchased in liquid form and added to juices, and protein shakes.
3. White Kidney Beans

Add them to chili is the first choice. The beauty of it is minimal attention with maximum flavor. Use turkey instead of ground beef to make the chili even healthier. Also, chili is great for someone managing their diet for its ability to keep, as you could store food in the fridge or the freezer and take special meals accordingly each time you need to. By infusing other healthy ingredients, such as cayenne pepper, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and even carrots, you can add even more benefit to this already hearty meal.
4. Whole Grains
There are many ways to use whole grains in cooking. Swap for white pasta in all your dishes, use brown rice instead of white in stir-fry, side dishes, and salads. Swap all your white bread, bagels, muffins and tortillas for the healthier whole grain options.
5. Hot Peppers
Peppers are available in raw, cooked, dried, and powdered forms (cayenne). They can be added to eggs, stews, salads, meats, fish, poultry, sauces, stews and soups.

+ 5 Quick and Easy Family Meal Ideas

Groceries are expensive. Time is money. And I don’t think you would like to spend hours in the kitchen each night.  It’s much more fun to spend that time with family or relaxing. The good news is you don’t have to sweat over a hot stove. You don’t need to spend a fortune either. Here are five quick, easy and cheap family meal ideas.

1. Beans and rice – Beans and rice can be prepared so many ways it’s amazing. From Mexican style beans and rice to Cajun style, there’s a recipe for everyone’s tastes. From the south? Try Hoppin John. It’s delicious. Best of all, it’s cheap and comfortable too. And when combined, beans and rice provide a complete protein. No meat required for this meal. Buy canned beans and rice in bulk to save money.

2. Roast chicken – Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned roast chicken? Whole chickens are inexpensive and they generally provide enough food for more than one meal. You can use the leftovers for a tasty chicken salad served on a bed of greens or a chicken noodle casserole. There are also two time-saving ways to manage a roast chicken. You can buy a whole roasted chicken already cooked at your grocery’s deli. Or you can roast one on the weekend and reheat it for mealtime. (You can also cut the roasting time in half by splitting the chicken down the middle).

3. Fish and a salad – Fish only takes a few minutes to cook. And when you buy fish like tilapia and orange roughy, you can get it at a very low cost. Grab a bag salad, and you have a very healthy meal you can prepare for a few dollars. And it’ll take less than ten minutes to make.

4. Soup and stew – Soups and stews are inexpensive. When paired with bread and a salad they’re also quite satisfying and healthy. You can buy premixed soup and stew items at the store. Just add them to your crockpot in the morning, and they’re ready when you get home. You can also make them on the weekend and reheat when it’s time to eat.

5. Pasta – You can do almost anything with pasta. Pasta Primavera. Pasta with tomato sauce. Pasta with sardines, capers, and lemon. There are hundreds of pasta recipes. Best of all, pasta is quick. It’s cheap, and it’s tasty. You really can’t go wrong with pasta. Add a salad, and you have a complete meal.

Eat Better: The Health Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods have become easier and easier to obtain in recent years. Still, many consumers wonder if this type of food is healthy enough to be worth the often extra cost. Many of the benefits of organic foods have come to consumers through word of mouth, and the promotions put on by advocates of organic eating. Fortunately, there has been researched and several solid arguments are supporting the use of organic foods in everyday eating.

Several recent studies on farms which produce organic foods determined that organic farms donít release synthetic pesticides into the ground, the air and, most importantly, the water table. Some of the inorganic, chemical pesticides are known to be harmful to wildlife and other animals.

Organic farms also are superior to conventional farms when it comes to maintaining surrounding natural ecosystems. This includes maintaining healthy populations of natural plants, insects, and indigenous animals. They also rotate crops more often to maintain healthy soil.

When researchers calculated the energy use per unit area or unit of the yield of organic food-producing farms, it was found that organic farms used less energy and generated less packaging and chemical waste than conventional produce farms.

The yield in organic produce farms is about 20 percent less when those farms used half the fertilizer and 97 percent less pesticide than conventional farming. Others feel that organically-used soil is of a higher quality and maintains higher water retention than farms that raise produce conventionally. This factor may improve the yield of organic farms during

With a little patience and planning, you can serve your family quick and easy meals every night of the week. And you can save money doing it.

Make it simple but delicious…:)

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