A Calm Soul can move mountains…

A calm soul can move mountains through Difficult times… Difficulties gave me the opportunity to grow, to know my values, to experience situations that made me stronger and wiser, not to mention that gave me much more focus and determination.

In times of hardship, I usually concentrate on my goals, on my strength and try to keep my soul calm, with meditation, throw my faith and also I used to listen motivational speeches, TEDx talks, inspirational podcasts and I love reading autobiographies of famous people for inspiration in hard times:)

What I used to do for keeping a calm soul is to try to avoid being reactive and also to hyperventilate;) in situations that are unexpected and catch me off guard. It’s very hard not to confront the situation or the people right away, my personal experience is that is much wiser to take your time, breath, and think it over…I’m still working on that, so it’s not all about perfection, it’s about the journey.

If you aspect me to tell you the jackpot of calming your mind and how to have a calm soul all the time, this is not that blog, and I’m not that person. I can tell you about the journey, about the steps and the situations that I faced and face in everyday life, hoping that will inspire others to try to keep a calm soul.

I spend a lot of time meditating, breathing out the anger or frustration, trying to nurture my mind and soul with positiveness and self-confidence mantras, that forces me to develop the habit of overcoming the frustrating situations.

I mostly feel overwhelmed as a mother, in the situations that I think I can’t control and obviously, I don’t have time to meditate in the center of a playground or the beach when my daughter doesn’t want to come home, or she just want whatever she is thinking about at that moment. The only thing I usually do is to take a few breaths, concentrate to keep my mind and soul calm, to try to explain to her what we should do and. And then just try to get home as soon as possible:)

Then I meditate, or breath out my frustration and laugh about it, but there are other situations as well…when I ask my husband to take over because I feel I can’t keep my mind and soul calm. I’m human, not a robot, and I have my limits as well.
Definitely, the first step is to try to silence your mind and soul for you to see and think clearly, to try to block out the negative thoughts.

Not blocking the negative thoughts, it will not help to keep your soul calm, it will make only the situation much worse. The primary goal for maintaining a calm soul is to overcome negativity and to be able to let only positive thoughts throw to boost your self-confidence, to be able to keep a peaceful heart and a balanced mind.

My wisdom in handling trying times encourages me to act from a place of calm reasoning. When my soul is calm, I can think things through. By rejecting unease at my core, I am capable of making reasonable and wise choices, and with positive mantras, I’m able to maintain a calm soul.

  • I am the captain of my soul.
  • I’m able to overcome obstacles.
  • I surrender and let go.
  • I will stay calm and carry on
  • Slow down, you move too fast
  • I’m in charge of my stress response
  • I am in control of my emotions, and right now I choose happiness.

If you work on keeping sour soul calm, and live a Pure Mind Lifestyle, after a while, you’ll all live your life with serenity, you’ll be able to see the value in all of your life experiences. Even obstacles become worthwhile and meaningful when seen in this light.

At the beginning of the Pure Mind Lifestyle Journey, the first step should be to be very honest with yourself to know what “tools” you use for calming your mind and soul in every situation.

Below you’ll find some basic question, I really advise you yo write them in your journal and reflect on every question until you’ll be able to give short, meaningful answers for yourself.

Self-Reflection Questions for maintaining a Calm Mind:

1. What exercises can I undertake to help me develop a consistently calm soul?
2. How often do I encounter situations that are difficult for me to control?
3. What assistance can I get from outside sources when dealing with trying times?

Till next time, take care of your mind, body & your soul, and don’t forget to KEEP IT SIMPLE, CALM and PEACEFUL!

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Thank you!
With love and respect,