3 Tips on How You Can Adopt a Simplified Lifestyle Today

Do you find yourself full of respect for those people who live a simplified lifestyle genuinely? The people who can afford to go for long walks during the day, to come home to a cozy home and cook simple, healthy meals so that they can enjoy a quiet evening together? Those are the people who live a  simplified and balanced lifestyle.

It sounds kind of ideal, but it’s not so hard to accomplish as it may sound. First of all, you need to prioritize the main aspects of your life where you want to make improvements, make a plan, a statement and take it to step by step to make from your life the lifestyle that you always wanted.

Making a simplified lifestyle for yourself and your family will definitely take time, but if you imagine yourself living the life that you always wanted, it will worth every minute and sacrifice. You can start making a few, minor changes to get you closer to your simplified lifestyle, and I’m here to help you in your journey.

Here are my 3 Best tips to start living a more simplified life starting today!

  1. The most important: Change your mindset

The most important thing for having a simplified lifestyle is to change your mindset because nothing will work if you don’t put your mind to it. Visualize it, dream it, and meditate on it. It will be possible only if you can imagine it in small details and make the steps that are necessary for accomplishing it.
What you need to be satisfied is right there in front of you, and if you don’t agree, that’s because you’ve been misled by the pressure of your environment, television, social media.

If you really want to live a simplified lifestyle, you’ll have to establish your priorities, what things worth your time and attention, what is they YOU REALLY NEED, and not for social adequacy, but only for YOU.
Maybe you think that you need beautiful clothes, a sports car or a huge mansion to be happy.

But if you think about it and meditate on it, you just need your family, friends and time to spend with them, a cozy home and many priceless moments with your loved ones. And these things are less expensive than what social media is pointing to be the jackpot of happiness. Make it a simple and meaningful life!

 2. Live your OWN Dreams:

The more you chase after somebody else’s dream, the big cars, fancy homes, promotion, so you can have more shiny things, the less time you’ll have to enjoy said shiny things…It’s ok to like quality lifestyle, but pay attention that the lifestyle you have chosen to be in accordance with your values, material situation and to give you peace, not anxiety. Do it for yourself, not because of the marketing pressure, magazines, neighbors, tv commercials….

A simplified lifestyle is just like this: Simpler is Easier…but it doesn’t look like at the beginning…but trust me, you will get there…have patience with your dreams and with you.
Simpler is clean, tidy, chic and hard to achieve at first look.
But simpler gives you the change to see through the clutter, the busyness, the wrong eating habits, the toxic relationships, till you’ll find your calling, your gut and have the power, the capability, and the inner strength to go after your dreams.

This is why simpler is harder, but it will be your best friend through your journey in achieving your goals through to a simplified lifestyle.

3. Try to Scale Back

In your journey to a simplified lifestyle, you can start you minor changes with canceling subscriptions to newsletters, newspapers, services you don’t use or need, address whether you need the latest phone.

Learn to appreciate the things you already have and try making the most of free time with your family and friends without necessarily having to spend a considerable amount.
All this will move you closer to a simplified lifestyle. As soon as it ‘clicks,’ you can count yourself a member of the club!

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