How to become More Mindful+1o tips

The most important thing in our lives is to be aware of the impact of NOW, to acknowledge that what we do, thing and feel at this particular moment will affect all entire life from now on. All our plans, dreams and future depend on the NOW, the mindset that we have, the habits that we have and also the discipline that we learn and establish.

Nowadays, we tend to forget the impact of the moment very easily, because we’re too busy with our future or having regrets because of our past. If you’re depressed, you’reliving in the past, and if you’re stressed you’re living in the future, BUT if you’re balanced and relaxed, you’re living in the moment.

First of all, let’s establish what exactly mindfulness means…
For me, to be mindful means to be present, to be in the NOW, at this particular moment of my existence.

Mindfulness is not something we leave the chair, but something we can carry through our everyday lives.  If we can apply mindfulness while we’re at work, on the bus, while we’re having dinner with our friends, or even when we’re playing with our kids.All the priceless moments that we live day by day give us the chance to be grateful and humid, and give the opportunity for a full, joyful and balanced life.

According to recent research, usually, we spent up to half of our time caught up in our thoughts. That’s why it’s so important to change your mindset, calm your mind and soul and don’t let any disturbing thought or situation to stop you from achieving greatness in your life.
You deserve a well-lived balanced life, where work, family, priceless moments, friends and your own time can indeed coexist together in a balanced way, and you will not have to feel remorse because you don’t have a balance in your life.

Mindfulness helps you to engage with the moment, with the here and now, and be able to establish a calm soul, peace of mind, self-discipline, tolerance and also self-confidence.

Nowadays, if you look around you definitely will see people functioning on auto-pilot mode, like robots. They are so caught up in this day by day activities that they forget about the moment, they only exist for the future: for the promotion, for the big house, for a holiday, for the money that they will spend when they have time. Of course, not now, because the nOW is all about work, until healthy issues, family problems or burn-out hit them hard. Only when they realize that it doesn’t wort it, everything that requires your peace of mind it’s too expensive.

The best practice for mindfulness is meditation when you just to step back and watch yourself and your life as it happens. Not trying to work things out, to organize, to manage, just try to clear your mind and try to feel the emotions and thoughts that are coming and going, not trying to catch them, to fix them, to answer them, definitely not be stressed by them. It is your life in the front of your screen, your eyes, your mind and you’re the superstar of this movie. So, make it a movie worth watching.

Below you’ll find 10 tips for helping you in your Pure Mind and Mindfulness journey:

1. Early wake up.

If you’re waking up early-5-6 a.meven it’s hard to establish this habit, on long-term will help your productivity, your mindset will be ready before anyone else is awake, and it will improve your life.

Robin Sharma-one of my favorite’s- will release a new book, its called the 5 a.m club, and for a while, I try to train myself to be a member of this club. For now, I’m in the 6 a.m club risers, but is helping me a lot, mostly because I get to make my morning meditation, workout and a little bit of my blogging work also before the rest of the family is awake.

The benefits besides that I get to have a little time for myself is that I’m much happier, calmer and handle the challenges of each day better.

2. You become what you read

Expand your interest in many fields, make a MUST of out of reading an hour every day, no matter what. Reading is a must for self-development, for networking and also to expand your interest beyond your comfort zone. Usually what we don’t know, doesn’t interest us, but it should be otherwise, what we don’t know it should be challenging to find out.

For me, the book is the best mentor and also a friend you read over and over again, I can’t exist without reading, exploring, going deeper and deeper in one subject till I become almost one with the writer and I can feel the emotions, motivation or even sadness, depending on the subject.
The main goal should be 1 book in a week because even if you don’t realize at the moment, but books have a massive role in shaping your personality and mindset, you just have to love them:).

Sometimes I manage to read a book or even two in a week, but sometimes when I miss reading for some reason, I find myself reading 2 books at the same time on different subjects, that is quite challenging, for example, marketing subject for my business and Montessori studies subject for my daughter’s education. It was quite a challenge because for me both are important and I had to make notes on what I was reading because otherwise, I could not keep up.

3. Find a group that meets your interest.

As we know, we are the average of the 5 people whit whom we spend the most time whit, so be careful and select your circle.
I’m not talking to break friendships from your childhood just because you’ve changed, those friendships are priceless and Charise them.I’m talking about networking for your business, for your dream, for your goals, make an effort to get to know new people. From different cultures, having other habits then yours, other culture and backgrounds. Don’t try to fit in anywhere hard, you have to accept for your uniqueness and your character, don’t try to impress anybody risking to be someone that you’re not.

4. Have fun, laugh first on yourself

Try to smile more, laugh, be humorous, because it will benefit you more if you’re open and manage to laugh first of all on yourself, because everyone enjoys more the company of a confident, relaxes person, who manages to enjoy himself and take the humorous part of a situation, rather become frustrated and angry.

5. Be a little selfish but still humble

As a mother but also a businesswoman it’s obvious that I get hit by the remorse because either I don’t get to spend as much time with my daughter as other mothers or because I didn’t manage to finish my blog post on time or some other business-related issue.

What I’ve learned is this: no matter what other mothers or businesswomen are doing, it totally up to me how to organize my time, how I prioritize my duties and how I establish a balance between the important thing for me. And I managed to do that, to have time for my family, to learn and play with my daughter, to cook healthy meals every day for my loved ones, if it’s necessary, to manage to work out and also to have some time only for myself.

Without any regrets, a well deserved time, when usually I’m going for a walk, making my special aromatherapy rituals or just read and meditate on my goals.

The point is that you must be a little bit selfish, because otherwise you’ll burn out and you’ll not have time and energy for everything that you wanna do, so you have to make your circle understand that and help you organize the time around you in this manner.

6. Subscribe yourself to a new course

Search a new online course for you to take for your development journey. It can be related to your business or just to your hobby, or even something new, that is more challenging.

My last course was in Public Speaking, and I’m still on it because it has many practical parts and I still have to practice it.
I’m planning to learn more about wines, as we traveled to Tuscany and France a few weeks ago and I was stunned by the vineyards and the wine tasting nights. I’m also learning web designing and very into Montessori learning and teaching habits.

Learning something new requires, first of all, to get out front your comfort zone, discipline yourself, and see that as a new way for personal growth and self-development. That will be your WHY.

7. Level up your skills.

If you have managed to reach up to a level of self-development now, it’s time to level up your game, to gain more experience so you can be much more self-confident and you’ll learn new things.
As a blogger, I’m constantly leveling up my writing skills, speaking and social media marketing skills.

8. Workout everyday

Have a daily workout routine.
It’s a must for your body and mind to function at its maximum capacity and to be a fitter person.
I try to do yoga every morning till my family is still sleeping, to manage to work out in a gym 3-4 times a week and one-time swimming and also the long walk is on a daily basis. When I can’t get to the gym, I try to make my workout routine at home.

9. Start journaling

A life journal is a must to follow your personal development over the years. I have my like from like 6 years ago and every year on 15 September-when is my birthday – I start a new face, that is new year resolution for me. My new year start on the 16th of September every year. That is when I make my promises, write down my dreams, goals, steps, deadlines and also put some pictures of my goals. It’s my manual of life, and it has been crucial for my progress and self-development.

10. Get out of your comfort zone.

You grow to throw your struggles and hard times. I have never met a successful person with az easy past. Neither successful persons who just stayed in their comfort zone and waited for things to happen.

If you just stay in your comfort zone, you’ll never grow, and you’ll never be able to fulfill your dreams..unless your dream is to stay in your comfort zone.
Move, don’t stagnate, try new things that you’re afraid of, new things that you’ve always wanted, like SUP Yoga and Raw Vegan workshops for me.

Do something different then you just to do, learn new things, challenge yourself, because this is the only way to grow and develop yourself. Every time you want to give up, look around and if you have children, don’t forget, that they are watching you, so keep going.

Till next time, don’t forget to make things simple, but significant and mindfully.

Thank you!

With love and respect,


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