10 things you NEED to know about Essential Oils

If you decided to step into this beautiful and pure world of essential oils, there are a couple of necessary information that you need to know, to make healthy and safe decisions,  to find your way in this journey of Pure Living Lifestyle.
My first couple of posts will be some basic guidelines regarding the world of essential oils, some aspects of my journey so far, tips and recommendations that I wish I knew before I started.

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are highly aromatic substances found in specialized cells or glands of certain plants. When you buy a bottle of pure essential oil, the oil inside of the bottle goes throw a distillation process; this is how from the essence we get the essential oil.    Here you’ll find some basic guideline using Essential Oils:
1. Essential oils should never be put on your skin in their undiluted form. They can irritate your skin quickly and cause a chain reaction that will make you sensitive to that oil for a lifetime.
People with allergies should test a small amount of oil on a small area of sensitive skin, such as the inside of the arm, before applying the oil in other areas.
2. If an essential oil or blend irritates your skin, you should wash it off with soap and water and apply carrier oil to the affected area.

DO NOT USE WATER as essential oils are non-water soluble: using water will only spread the essential oil over a larger area.

3.  Keep essential oils away from eye area and do not put into ears. Do not handle contact lenses or rub eyes with essential oils on fingers.
Light exposure decreases the ability of the essential oil to work, so only buy oils that are sold in dark bottles. Try to avoid synthetic oils. Essential oils are the only way to get therapeutic benefit from aromatherapy. To test how distilled oil is trying dropping it on a piece of paper to see if it dissolves quickly and does not leave an oil spot.

4. Essential oils should be used very carefully during pregnancy and breastfeeding period; it is recommended to be used under the supervision of an aromatherapist.

5. Persons with asthma, epilepsy, or other severe health conditions should contact their physician before using aromatherapy. Some essential oils can cause epileptic seizures (ex. sage, rosemary).

6. For children under 5 years old it is recommended to be used rather
 aromatic water, carrier oils/ butter instead then essential oils, the skin is very sensitive to the strong aromas.

7. Do not use essential oils directly on the fur or skin of small animals; they can have a toxic reaction.

Did you have any allergic reaction in the past while using essential oils?

Please pay attention to an allergic reaction and consult your doctor or aromatherapist if you have any disease, allergies, you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Till next time, Keep it Simple, but Significant!

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